03 July 2012

Radish Toast

Easing back into my new resolve of posting to my blog, what could be more apropos than my favorite go-to meal of vegetables on toast?  What could be more simple and satisfyingly summeresque than slivered radish on toast?  I'll admit, this is barely deserving of a recipe, but as I was walking through the market last Wednesday morning and saw fat bunches of radishes, (radishi?), it seemed like something centered around them would be a fitting re-boot to my blog.

So here it goes.  Make a meal of it with a side salad, in this case some heirloom tomatoes, or have it as a snack.  Vary it up with Feta cheese or any other crumbly, tangy cheese of your choosing. 

Radishes on Toast
Serves 2

4 or 5 fat radishes, well scrubbed and sliced paper thin
4 ounces Crumbly Goat Cheese (I use this)
4 slices of Crusty Bread, sliced thick (from someplace like here, or this other place)
a drizzle of olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Drizzle bread with olive oil and place under broiler or toaster until goldeny.  Alternately, if you own a toaster, toast the bread and  drizzle with olive oil.  While the bread is warm, crumble goat cheese generously over toast and top with thin slices of radish.  Sprinkle with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.

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