The Cook, Some Food, and a Blog

I was a picky eater if ever there was one, but oddly enough took to cooking without much thought. While a brat at the table - spitting whatever offending food stuff into my paper napkin or feeding it to our small fluff-ball of a dog - I was happy getting in my mother's way in the kitchen.

I grew up in the suburbs with a big family and a small garden, where my city-raised father pretended to be a farmer, growing vegetables and enough tomatoes to make sauce to fill the freezer to last through till the next summer. Both my parents loved cooking in equal measure, and while they did their best to introduce us to natures' bounty, I was just as happy eating buttered toast as any vegetable they would try to tempt me with.

In my late teens there was a shift as I learned more about cooking for myself, a wider variety of produce became available, and I met a handful of of vegetarians for the first time while spending a summer as a camp counselor in Maine. For ten + years I didn't miss meat a whiff, until I moved to New York and evidently had a hard time resisting animals. 

Now as I move into middle-age I try and find a balance with my food as with everything else. My cooking remains influenced by my vegetable proclivities, as well as my budget, my 2-square feet of counter top, my negative dish washer, and in the Summer of 2010, my involvement in my local Community Supported Agriculture scheme which inspired me to start this blog.

Favorite Eats
Broad Beans on toast
Mom's Sopapillas
Dad's Tomato Sauce
Doug's Fish Tacos, (every 2-3 years when he can be bothered to make them)
Brian's Omelets, like no other
Eggplant, cooked any way
Vietnamese anything
Baked goods, of recent note: Maija's Finnish Easter buns
Baked goods, a sentimental favorite: City Bakery pretzel croissant
Baked goods, like no other: cake, of any sort, from Baked
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